VCMA’s brief for rehearing request

We just got our hands on the VCMA’s brief for a rehearing, which will be heard at City Hall on October 9.

It’s the most holistic case to date, arguing that the Board of Appeals must take into account the entirety of the Planning Code, specifically the ‘findings’ section of the formula retail ordinance, when considering the case of Jack Spade. We’re hoping this will persuade just one more members of the appeals board, after falling one vote shy of victory in the last hearing.

Of course, a big public turnout will help, so make sure to RSVP here!


SF Bay Guardian on Jack Spade in the Mission: ‘That shit ain’t right’

The SF Bay Guardian voices strong support for enacting protections for small businesses in San Francisco, using the “stealthy inroads” paved by Jack Spade as an example of how deep-pocketed corporations can affect a neighborhood’s character.

The editorial board calls on political leaders to address the upward pressure on rents that result from an influx of big business. And in describing what’s at stake, the Guardian nails it:

Nothing less than the soul and face of San Francisco is at stake, and it’s up to all of us to fight for it and not be fooled by self-serving and simplistic “jobs” rhetoric. We need to call a Spade a Spade, and a corporation a corporation, and defend what makes San Francisco special: real, local people serving real, local people, not the interests of Wall Street.

SF Bay Guardian: Expand Protections for Small Business

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VCMA’s Written Statement for tonight’s hearing

Want a preview of the arguments the Valencia Corridor Merchants Association will be making at tonight’s hearing at City Hall? Check out the written brief below.

Hope to see you there!