Emails to Jack Spade and 5th and Pacific


Please send a GROUP email to the following:

Bill McComb, CEO of Fifth and Pacific (Kate/Jack Spade’s parent company)

Craig Leavitt, CEO of Kate/Jack Spade

Melissa Xides, Jack Spade Vice President of Global Sales and Retail.,,,

For the sake of strategy we request that these emails be substantive, thoughtful, tactful, etc. Let these executives know there is a broad, legitimate, and sincere opposition to Jack Spade opening a store on 16th Street. Talking points can include:

  • Jack Spade is not appropriate for the 16th/Valencia Corridor area because the neighborhood voted overwhelmingly on Prop G to preserve this corridor for genuinely local, independent businesses.
  • Jack Spade will result in increased rents and the further acceleration of a wave of gentrification that is displacing countless long-term residents and independent businesses in the neighborhood.  There are news stories every day in SF about the displacement crisis.  Jack Spade has become, and will continue to be, a primary target for folks’ deep frustration with the crisis.
  • The opposition to Jack Spade is very broad.  More than 2,000 people have signed a petition agains the store. There are more than 1,200 people in the No Jack Spade in the Mission Facebook group. Numerous community groups and elected officials have signed on in opposition to Jack Spade.
  • Jack Spade could move into another neighborhood such as Union Square where there will be no opposition.
  • If you can, please CC us on the email:



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